First Post

Hello, this is a blog I have created in order to fulfill a requirement in MTH 329-01 @ GVSU under Professor John Golden.  I do not know what I will be using this for, but if you do happen to read this, then I hope it might be of some use/interest to you.  To my classmates, here it is, not sure what I’ll do from here.


Matt Rousell


3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hi Matt, while this is great I think this is supposed to be a place where we summarize and reflect on what we have done in class. Then to talk about what ideas we have found or thought of to go along with the current topic.

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  2. Matt, I appreciate your honesty. I recommend discussing something that you have recently enjoyed in Mathematics and repost it for your 1st blogpost. This is more like an about you page. I have really enjoyed squaring off in the number line games in class. The probabilities behind the card game may be an interesting topic or thinking about how we could expand our number line efforts. Include pictures and videos and make the post lively. You will rock this I know it!


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